Robyn Fuentes

VP of Consulting in Houston, TX

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I am an avid technologist and work as a VP of Consulting at Improving. With experience in everything from single page applications to enterprise solutions in both brown and green codebases, I have found my passion in working with teams to create software with a focus on the value it produces for stakeholders. Outside of software, my interests include sports, music, motorcycles and travelling the world.

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Robyn is an amazing coach, developer, friend, and leader. She excels at analyzing problems and bringing her technical expertise to the table to solve them, taking ownership of them and seeing them through from beginning to end. She has far above average people skills and is easy to talk to, and genuinely cares about the people she works with and takes a vested interest in seeing them grow and succeed. She constantly builds trust with those around her and leads by example in everything she does.
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